Today, Bing released a detailed overview of its Page Zero experience, a new search feature that delivers deep links directly from the search box with shortcuts to relevant information associated with the search term.

According to the announcement, the new feature gives “best” auto-completion suggestions for a query, as well as displaying “rich information” related to the search term.

Bing says the Satori technology that powers the Page Zero experience delivers relevant search information in the same amount of time it takes to blink, giving users a “Faster way to search” both from the Bing homepage and search result pages.

To demonstrate how the new Page Zero feature displays the “most frequently searched for intents,” Bing provided an image of a search for “San Francisco Giants.”

Expanding on the intuitiveness of the Page Zero technology, Bing demonstrated how it recognizes a search for “Michelle Pf”  as a search on the actress Michelle Pfieffer and responds with relevant search topics such as “Video”, “Biography” and “Filmography”.

To show how Page Zero delivers the most popular intents associated with a search term, Bing used a search for the San Francisco airport as an example, highlighting the links to maps, weather, parking and arrivals for the airport.

Bing claims that its Page Zero experience is made possible by the search engine’s web index combined with its Satori graph technology, providing users with, “The most likely intents from thousands of intents expressed in billions of documents about billions of entities.”

Search Engine Land initially reported that Bing was testing this feature the first week of September, and covered the official release earlier this week, along other updates from Microsoft including the new Bing logo.